FREE sticker with every purchase - Delays in shipping may happen based on your countries shipping regulations.


Do you wonder how quick, ethical and with how much love your order is packed and shipped?


Northernspells collaborates with two shipping partners, and one packing partner:

Our 2 shipping options are DHL Express shipping, and Posten Norway.
Please read the terms before choosing your delivery option!


DHL is an express option for all overseas shipments.
They make sure your order gets to you as quick and safe as possible, as well as keeping in touch with you after the order has been shipped.

All orders are shipped with the express 1-3 days delivery time option.
As a good business partner, DHL makes sure all shipments that can be delivered in a "green way", will be delivered that way.

You will get information on delivery as soon as your order is on its way, you can change the date and place it will be delivered - and even how it's delivered.
Wanna leave it with your neighbor? Sure!
Have a safeplace they can put it? No problem!
Did you go on holiday? They will keep it for you until you return!

A swift, professional shipping option that makes sure your order arrives SUPER FAST and safe!

Taxes: Taxes vary from country to country. If you are eligible for taxes you will charged after your receive your goods.


This option is an untracked option, normal mailbox-shipment.
It takes a while longer to arrive; typical shipping times to Europe is 1-2 weeks - or longer during holidays.
And the rest of the world: 2-5 weeks - or longer during holidays.

NorthernSpells cannot guarantee the shipping time, nor can we track it. 
This shipping option is cheaper, but comes with a no-payback-deal.
If you order this shipping method, NorthernSpells is not responsible in the unlikely event that your order gets lost by the postal services.

Taxes: Taxes vary from country to country. If you are eligible for taxes you will charged before your receive your goods.

Northernspells also collaborates with Grønneviken AS.
They are responsible for checking, packing and sending off every order with enthusiasm and love.

Grønneviken is a so called "Protection business" which means that all the workers working there either have issues finding work in our modern society, or simply needs a safer and more repetitive workplace.
This means that working with NorthernSpells provides them with a meaningful workday.

Their processing time is everything from 1-14 days. 
They pack from Monday to Friday - so if your order is placed Friday it will be shipped out after the weekend at earliest.

Grønneviken operates with normal holidays; information about irregular shipping will be displayed here when it gets closer.