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LittleStargazer pin set - NS23


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LittleStargazer pin set - NS23

This is the listing for the LittleStargazer Pin Set!

When I visited Brighton this winter, I passed and old and fancy store. it was closed as it was sunday, but inside were tons of magical things. And right in front of where i peeked through the window:
A small white mouse, inside a glass dome. It seemed like it was peaking up and out the window, and I imagined that it had been looking up at the sky when it was captured.
It was both sad and beautiful, and I wanted to capture that feeling. Both sides of it.
So here are the infinitely sad and infinitely beautiful tale of the Little Stargazer.

Size: 45 mm
Metal color ; Gold
Backings; 2 pcs, Rubber
Material: Hard Enamel

All my pins are made with love and checked for the highest possible quality!


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